A downloadable Arcane

Arcane Annihilation is a simple run and gun with a magical theme. Fight against endless waves of zombies as you try out randomly generated weapons or avoid them completely using the in-depth movement system.

Install instructions

Download the .zip file

Extract the file

Run the .exe


WASD - Movement

Mouse - Look

Space - Jump (jump into walls to wall run)

Ctrl/C - Crouch/Slide

LMB - Fire (Hold to auto fire and slow time)

Scroll Wheel - Switch Weapon

E - Interact

Tab - Show Weapon Stats

Esc - Pause


Rob Brewin             -       Prop Art

Daniel Brooks          -       Level Design

Daniel Farrow          -       Technical Design

Emma Geary             -       Character Art

Jamie Linnell          -       Technical Design

Jake Parker            -       Environment Art

Taionee Rhodes         -       Technical Design

Max Thorpe             -       Prop art

Louis Whitehouse       -       Level Design


ArcaneAnnihilationBuild.zip 435 MB

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